7 Secrets Why Every Business Needs SEO


Do I need SEO for my website? is a question that every new business owner asks.

In today’s digital era, why every business needs SEO, either it belongs to any industry. If you want to increase the online presence of your Thai brand or business and want some organic traffic, that’s why every business needs SEO. 

Do You Know? 85% of people search for products or services online.

Suppose you own a real estate business in Thailand, and someone is searching real estate agent, and your competitor is on the top. The reason behind this is your competitor is following all the latest digital marketing trends to rank their website on google. 

Why every business needs SEO, whether you’re a plumber or a business owner, to increase visibility, lead generation, and return on investment. 

Still not satisfied? Don’t worry! Here, I’ll go over 7 tips and the reasons why SEO is important for your company. 5 secrets why every business needs SEO that will amaze you!


Well, there’re several reasons you should start doing SEO for your Thailand business. However, you won’t be impacted unless you work with a Thai SEO expert to properly implement all of the SEO strategies. 


Seo helps to build a brand by targeting the right audience. Ranking websites always get more traffic and visitors, and their ROI is also higher than sites listed on 2,3 pages. The only reason behind this is that all ranked websites implement SEO and sincerely choose keywords to target their potential clients. 


Getting organic traffic is one of the goals of every website. Audience improves the website’s performance and increases the conversion rate. Google is considered a highly trusted source all over the world. Folks prefer to search all their queries on Google daily; subsequently, if you do SEO for your business, you will rank and get more insight. 


Want to gain the customer’s attention? You need to make your brand visible so your audience can notice you. Before buying any product, people search for the product to get a better idea of information about that. You can drive traffic to your online or physical store through website SEO. 

SEO will not only increase your online visibility, but it will also rank your websites in google. Even GOOGLE MY BUSINESS plays a significant role in attracting potential clients. 

Still Thinking Do, You Need an SEO for your website! The Answer is Simply Yes. Your business needs SEO services & You could hire any SEO agency in Thailand to get your business rank.


The goal of every business is to get high-quality traffic from the search result. With the right SEO strategy, you can increase your business website. You should consult an SEO agency in Thailand to get your websites in the right hand. As a result, your website will be ranked, and you’ll get more clicks and visitors.

5. Build Credibility

Winning customer trust is one of the biggest goals of every brand. In this digital era, it’s quite challenging to gain customers’ trust or satisfy them without presenting the product’s quality. So, there’s a solution that not only helps you in building brand credibility but also helps to get high revenue. 

According to research, 75% of people only rely on the results of 1st page; they don’t scroll to the next page. 

SEO will help your business to rank its website in Google so you can quickly get the trust of your targeted audience. Google web crawler will analyze your website content and rank your business higher. 

6. Best User Experience 

According to the latest Google algorithm, User experience is a ranking factor. Google bots check whether the website is following the algorithms or not. User experience factors include mobile friendliness, Usability and site speed. These factors will help to maintain the user experience and increase the conversion rate and online traffic. 

7. Increase Online Sales & Revenue 

SEO helps to increase Online Sales of your store and to generate high revenue. Suppose a user search for any product and your website is on the top, so instead of going to the 2nd-page user will buy his desired product from the 1st website. That’s how SEO helps to get high ROI 


70% of users click on the SERP Results. There’s a likely chance to increase visibility and gain the user’s trust. Google crawl the website and shows the result according to user intent. 

SEO helps to build your website authority within your targeted audience. Quality SEO on brand or business websites is always beneficial, increasing the presence and rank of a website in the respective region.